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Sodexo's Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement

Achieving a global vision for sustainability is an ambitious task.  We can't do it alone.  That is why Sodexo is partnering with respected leaders in the field of sustainability to enhance our strategy for a Better Tomorrow, inform others about our achievements, contribute our expertise to expand our impact, and learn more about challenges in the markets we serve.


We engage with stakeholders in a variety of other ways through:

Product Standards and Certifications

We can encourage more sustainable agricultural, manufacturing, and foodservice practices by using trusted product standards in our purchasing decisions.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Sodexo is the first foodservice provider to sign the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's School Beverage and Competitive Food Guidelines.

Fair Trade USA: Our Aspretto coffee program uses Fair Trade Certified criteria in coffee selection and procurement.

Marine Stewardship Council: Sodexo's goal is to have 100% of our contracted seafood certified as sustainable, either by the Marine Stewardship Council for wild-caught seafood, or the Aquaculture Certification Council: for farm-raised seafood, by 2015.

Promoting Industry Collaboration

Our goals to foster sustainable agriculture often require shared action on behalf of others in our industry. That is why we participate in programs that bring others in our industry together to develop shared solutions for sustainability.

Sustainable Food Lab Sodexo is a member of the Sustainable Food Lab, which brings together businesses, food system advocates, and research institutions to accelerate the shift of sustainable food from niche to mainstream.

We participate in the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops which will is developing measurements for sustainable performance throughout the fruit and vegetable supply chain.

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